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  • About Window
  • Search Engine
  • Settings Window
  • Selecting Files To Compare
  • Main Window
  • Choose Files to Compare
  • Comparison Options
  • Display Options
  • File Differences

Editorial review

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Ashley Griggs Senior editor

As a software or website developer, there will come a time when you might require a tool to help you compare files that contain code lines. A solution to this issue comes from ExamDiff, a handy visual comparing tool that highlights all the differences between two text files.
You will be able to compare large files, character by character, and locate all dissimilarities between the two selected documents within seconds.
It's an easy and time-saving solution when it comes to comparing and synchronizing two text files.
The application will give you access to a search tool that will help you find code lines a lot easier. Adding to that, you can adjust the highlights color palette the way you like, change the font, enable notifications and many other.
The biggest drawback of using ExamDiff is that you won't be able to edit the content of the compared files directly on the program's interface. This feature is available only for the Pro version.
To be straight, I've found ExamDiff to be very effective and I was more than happy with its performance, but I would only recommend it to professional developers, as its interface might seem a bit hard to handle to beginner users.


  • Accurate file comparison.
  • You can change highlights differences.
  • Supports drag-and-drop action.
  • Comes with a built-in search engine.


  • The interface is hard to handle.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 539 KB

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    falux 6 years ago

    It's clean, differences in files are intelligently highlighted.

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    falux 6 years ago

    It's just exactly what a coder needs! Let's you know within fractions of a second which of your [script] files is the one you want to keep/work on.

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    Guest 7 years ago

    ExamDiff is a great and pretty useful free program


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